Glasswork and Jewelry

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Wound Glass Beads, 2002

During the summer of 2002, I completed a workshop on the making of wound glass beads presented by Mr. Don Miller at the University of Michigan, Dearborn.  Everyone, myself included, was surprised by my seemingly inherent ability to make professional quality beads so quickly.  These frog beads were the most popular.  Since the class, I purchased all the necessary equipment for a bead-baking studio and have sold some of my frog beads on E-bay.  I plan to take this up again soon and start selling more beads.  Below are some examples of my frog beads, some magic eye beads, and a few miscellaneous beads.


eye beads.jpg (60148 bytes) frog beads rainbow copy.jpg (79706 bytes)  frog beads closeup.jpg (56116 bytes)
misc eye beads.jpg (65081 bytes) misc beads.jpg (61893 bytes)

Macram necklace, 2003

The beads are all my own except the encased beetle.

hemp necklace.jpg (56174 bytes)

Stained Glass Pyramid, 2000

7pyramid.jpg (59217 bytes)


Skinny Puppy pendant, 1992

This is a sample of my metalworking.  I cut this piece of nickel with a coping saw, filed it, sanded it and buffed it.  It does have a few file markings, but it was practically impossible to sand inside those small interior spaces.  It also has a lot of surface scratches from wear and I no longer have access to a buffer.  

skinny puppy pendant.jpg (68478 bytes)


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