The Making of the

Vegetanimal from Outer Space

Below, I have outlined the process I used to create this sculpture.  Click on each thumbnail for an enlarged view.

vegetanimal 4.jpg (55111 bytes)  vegetanimal 5.jpg (61282 bytes)
Step 1:  The first step is to create a frame for the object that will protrude from the canvas.  Stucco mesh was used for this frame because it was more durable than window screening and easier to bend than chicken wire.  Embroidery floss was used to sew the frame to the canvas securely.  Once it was attached, I secured wires around the top and bottom that will be the framework for the roots and shoots.
vegetanimal 7.jpg (55864 bytes)  vegetanimal 6.jpg (52817 bytes)
Step 2:  The bumps that will have hair sticking out were pre-planned for ease of attachment and replacement of the hair bundles.  Drinking straws were cut to size and folded through the holes in the mesh.  A hair bundle will then be inserted into each straw.
vegetanimal 8.jpg (40732 bytes)  vegetanimal 12.jpg (53848 bytes)
Step 3:  The first picture shows the first layer of papier maché.  A flour and water paste was used to attach strips of paper towel to the surface of the frame. The second picture shows the second layer of papier maché.  This time, careful attention was paid to how the folds were laid out.
vegetanimal 15.jpg (66059 bytes)  vegetanimal 13.jpg (49501 bytes)
These photos show details of the wrinkles and a bump covering the straw.
vegetanimal 17.jpg (62995 bytes)  vegetanimal 19.jpg (67408 bytes)
Step 4:  After drying for two days, a coat of gesso was applied (not pictured).  Then the sculpture was painted with acrylic paints.  The second picture shows the canvas design.
vegetanimal 20 bench.jpg (78252 bytes)  vegetanimal for web.jpg (103426 bytes)
Step 5:  Finally, "leaves" are added at the top, fake fur to the inside of the hole, and dog fur bundles to the yellow bumps.  

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