My Animations

In September 2006, I discovered how to make animations from my photography and artwork using Adobe Photoshop.  Here are the ones I have made so far.  Most recent creations are shown first.



This year's Christmas tree, photographed on December 13, 2008.




My Platycryptus undatus named Radinka photographed on December 13, 2008.



Jumping Spider on December 13, 2008.



Grasshopper on September 6, 2008.



Young Mantis on July 30, 2008.




Platycryptus undatus on July 30, 2008.




"Maneater", the mama jumping spider on June 16, 2008.



Firefly, 6-15-08.




Baby Jumping Spiders, 6-14-08.



Crab Spider, 6-10-08.







Jumping Spider, 6-10-08.





Cucumber Beetle, 6-3-08.




I made this composite image on April 1, 2008 by blending three of my tie-dyed bandannas.




March 22, 2008

My pet spider, Tufts.




March 1, 2008

Icicles melting---photographs taken at 15-second intervals





March 25, 2007



March 21 and 25, 2007

Varied hues of my tie-dyed bandannas.





March 17 and 21, 2007

Varied hues of four of my watercolor paintings








October 2006

I discovered that by merely changing hues in this drawing, one can create the illusion of motion, especially with the spheres in the top center.


September 2006

My first animation created from 3 different watercolors


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