Art Cars

This page shows photographs of two of the three art cars I have created, the Kozmic Dream Machine and the Music Machine.

Click here to see a detailed accounting of the entire process involved in the making of the Music Machine.  


The Music Machine, 2003

I inherited this 1989 Ford Thunderbird from my deceased grandfather, so it also has sentimental value to me.  I did all the taping and airbrush work.  I taught myself everything I know about painting cars.  This is my third art car.  The most commonly asked question is how long it took---approximately 200 hours.  I worked on it from July 16 until August 16, 2003.  In March 2005, I was accepted to display at the Detroit Autorama and took home a first place trophy for my class.  I was first inspired to create an art car in the mid-90's when I was enlightened by the film, “Wild Wheels”, a documentary about artists and their art cars.  Soon after, I transformed the car I was currently driving into an art car by spray-painting it with a fish motif.  The interior was decorated with feathers, fur, and plastic animals.  My second art car was created in 1998.  This time I used an airbrush and spent about 150 hours painting it, in comparison to the mere 20-30 hours spent on the first car.  It was called the “Kozmic Dream Machine” because of its cosmic theme.  It is pictured near the bottom of this page.

Click on each thumbnail below for a larger view.

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roof top view.jpg (56710 bytes)     

4-22-05 hotel right side cropped.jpg (139900 bytes)

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right side closeup of door 2.jpg (128800 bytes) right side closeup of door.jpg (126421 bytes) right side closeup.jpg (130561 bytes)
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trophy.jpg (139383 bytes)


The Kozmic Dream Machine, 1998

The Kozmic Dream Machine's design begins on the hood, where there is a bright shining sun.  The flames flow and swirl around onto the sides of the car where they are sucked into God's Eye.  Since the sun's light is white light, it exits as a rainbow, as if the pyramid were a prism.  The rainbow flows around the back where it flows into the trunk of a tree.  Later that year, I decided to redo the tree with a more weeping willow type effect.  The new tree is shown in the second top view photo as well as the last picture.  On the roof is the moon.

  me on hood.jpg (111558 bytes)  whole car top view.jpg (60574 bytes)

1998augustmewithcar.jpg (321958 bytes)  back view.jpg (97802 bytes)  newtree.jpg (68143 bytes)


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